The Feel Good Studio

The Feel Good Studio is your sanctuary for wellness, calm and joy, and has been purposefully crafted to uplift, support and nurture each person we connect with.

Delivering support, tools and the best techniques in the field that allow you to embrace a life that is full of vibrancy, happiness and joy is at the core of The Feel Good Studio. Your go-to retreat for the moments, hours or days where you want to absorb feelings of positivity and return to balance. Inside and out.

The Feel Good Studio is where your journey of wellbeing and transformation begins.

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds tackles the tough topics, bringing them to light so our youth feel empowered, educated and supported throughout their often-challenging journey of being a teenager.

Today, Marina and her team of 85 expert educators, deliver workshops to thousands of Australian teens and adults each year. She has received both national and international press for the success of her business and the impact she has on the community.

Beautiful Minds is available worldwide through our series of online programs and regular events hosted in Australia and the US.