StrengthsCoach4U programs are designed to support you to set goals and feel confident and powerful.

Learn how to foster resilience, be agile and ready to respond to disruption by using your strengths.

Imagine a world where we could focus on what you do well and see the real potential of you. This program will focus on your Strengths, because you are worth it.


Be confident and feel powerful!

• Build your confidence and personal brand
• Experience the Gallup StrengthsFinder program to assess your personal strengths
• Understand how to develop your unique talents as personal strengths
• Know your point of difference and be able to express this in a memorable way
• Learn how to focus on your unique offering and love what it provides for others
• Engage your strengths by doing more of what you are good at – leverage your talents
• Learn what you bring to the table; understand how you can make a greater contribution.

Why should you work with Coach4U?

You deserve the opportunity to feel confident and to be the absolute best version of yourself.

You deserve to have the confidence to be able to articulate your strengths and use them to live your best life.

The Gallup StrengthsFinder Program
It isn’t until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job, or how to find one that’s a better fit. And to build better relationships and be a better teammate. And to feel like they’re improving.

Every. Single. Day.

Take the assessment.
Work with us to understand your report.
Work with us to understand how to use your strengths.

Gallup StrengthsFinder program user quotes:
• “I became crystal clear about who I am”
• “Took something that I was resisting and empowered me”
• “I ‘leant into’ who I am naturally”
• “I am far more engaged and excited”
• “When living natural talents work doesn’t feel like work”
• “I can now focus on what and how I do my best work”

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