• Focus and stick to your business and personal goals
  • Lead yourself and others in your power
  • Brainstorm your challenges
  • Meet regularly – create accountability

Understand your unique talents so you can be happy, successful and productive.

We work with you to:

  • understand your Strengths
  • define your personal and business “Why?”
  • create an action plan towards success

I’ve been working with small business owners for over 20 years.

Working in a small family business for over 20 years proved to be a fantastic training ground for understanding how to work with family, how to run a successful small business, how to manage staff and how to create balance while raising a family.

As a financial planner working within a self-licensed family-owned business, and servicing individuals and business owners as a Senior Planner at Westpac Banking Corporation, I have built a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how business owners think and care about their business, their families and employees.

As a qualified Gallup Strengths Coach, I go above and beyond traditional business training to get to the heart of what you need to take your next step and live your best life.

MoneyCoach4U programs are designed to empower you to make decisions about your money with confidence. A complete money management program focusing on taking control of your spending, saving and budgeting.

If you struggle with budgeting and saving money or could use more help making decisions about your finances, MoneyCoach4U may be just what you require.

BusinessCoach4U programs are designed to support business owners to thrive in business, and to grow business and leadership expertise.

Business owners will enter business ownership for different reasons; financial, balance, creative outlet. Whatever the reason for the business owner Coach4U works with our clients to create the life they deserve and to be the best leader of self and others they can be.

StrengthsCoach4U programs are designed to support you to set goals and feel confident and powerful.

Learn how to foster resilience, be agile and ready to respond to disruption by using your strengths.

Imagine a world where we could focus on what you do well and see the real potential of you. This program will focus on your Strengths, because you are worth it.

The TeamCoach4U program is designed to take the time to build relationships and understanding around individual strengths/talents and how best to ensure a team works effectively together using them.

Team sessions aim to connect and activate individuals and teams to clarify and reach their goals, through effective brainstorming, conversation and team building workshops.


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