The Business Booster Program is designed to support business owners to thrive in business, and to grow business and leadership expertise.

Business owners will enter business ownership for different reasons; financial, balance, creative outlet. Whatever the reason for the business owner Coach4U works with our clients to create the life they deserve and to be the best leader of self and others they can be.


The benefits of our coaching programs include the following:

• To meet your personal and business goals
• To create ideas, energy and focus towards your long-term goals
• To create the lifestyle you and your family desire
• To have clearer direction
• To understand more of self and your leadership style
• To learn the skills to lead others

The Solution

Business Coaching programs incorporate accountability and planning towards your set goals.

Coaching Blueprint

Without a plan, you don’t know how to reach your destination.

Steps to creating a Blueprint and Plan:

  • Create a Vision
  • Set short term tasks that allow you to focus on next 90 days
  • Break down goals into bite-size chunks, which allows you to focus on what is most important
  • Use this plan to increase intensity and focus and build traction on the business

“Cath not only supported me to find the answers to my business woes but her innate wisdom and deep kindness grounded me during some of the most challenging times in my life so far. Coach4U has given me the strength to embrace my greatest strengths and create the life I want to live.”
Peta D.

Strengths Leadership & Development

By working with Coach4U, you will become more aware of your natural talents and learn how you can use a strengths-based leadership approach to increase your organisational effectiveness and growth.

The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life.

“We are unique because we think in certain ways, feel in certain ways, and behave in certain ways. It’s just who we are, and that’s good.”

Your greatest power and potential reside in the distinct, predictable ways you think, feel and act.

Coach4U will help you fully understand your talents, uncover talents that may be unrealised or under-utilised, and discuss how you can turn your talents into leadership strengths.

What You Can Expect

We provide you with the most empowering, supportive and productive coaching relationship possible and we are flexible in the structure that your coaching can take – it’s up to you.

You set your personal and business goals and we support you to achieve them, and provide resources and tools along the coaching journey, so that new ways of thinking are possible and positive behaviours are maintained.


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