Building teams, at its core, is about allowing people to work together in a collaborative way and having respect for one another.

Strengths Based Workshops are designed to inspire and help each team member feel empowered and “seen”.

Why Strengths?

A person’s talents and strengths are their feelings, thoughts and behaviours that come naturally and are the source of his or her true potential.

The better you can help the team apply their dominant talents and strengths the greater each person and the team’s potential will be to consistently act with confidence, direction and hope.

  • Do you ever wonder why one person is better at some things than others?
  • Do you wonder why one person seems to do things one way and another person approaches the same task differently?
  • Do you wonder why one person responds to a situation differently to another?

It’s how we use our talents and strengths.

Assessing and reviewing our strengths helps us to understand who we are!

Why use strengths with teams?

  • Help team members become aware of each other’s talent filters
  • Understand how each person is inclined to think, act and feel
  • This awareness helps the team mitigate conflict and avoid dysfunction
  • Help the team understand how they can work best together to accomplish their goals and performance objectives

The more ways you can help a team explore and understand each other’s talents, strengths, needs and motivations, the more team members will be able to tap into each other’s talents and find ways to build and enhance their partnerships and performance.

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